The Walking Dead

I am infected. The Walking Dead Fever has hit me. After long hearing about the virtues of the comics I began watching AMC’s adaptation of the series via Netflix on a recent trip to the States. To say that the series is compelling is an understatement. Having finished the first two seasons my partner and I are irrevocably hooked. I have also been tracking the various transmedia components of the... read more

Producing Transmedia

I recently started working on a new transmedia project. Technically, we’re in the pre-production stage, but the story has been conceived of and we’re slowly breathing life into it. My collaborators are Jake Corcoran and Brooke Maggs. I approached them to work with me on the project primarily because they love to tell stories. In addition to this, both are creative, daring and media savvy.... read more

Multi-screen versus Multi-platform

This came to my attention today via Simon Staffans.  It’s a list of featured insights from a recent study by Google titled “The New Multi-screen World: Understanding Cross-Platform Consumer Behavior”. The major take-away from the piece is that broadcast media — in particular television networks — should integrate multiple media use, with an emphasis on screen media, into... read more

I’m *finally* back.

I’ve been a bad blogger. It’s been almost one year since I last wrote anything here, but hear me out. I have a reason. I am proud to say that the lovable beast has finally been put to rest. On the 20th of August this year I submitted my PhD thesis on how audiences engage with stories told across multiple platforms. Look, they even gave me a receipt.   Now that that’s done and... read more

Reflections from Storyworld, part 1: Meanwhile, in another industry …

Welcome to the first in a series of blog posts inspired by the recent Storyworld Conference, hosted in San Francisco. As the jet-lag wears off I’ve started to think about the major themes and issues emerging from the fervor. In each post I will discuss one of these themes framed by my own experiences. That being the case, each theme discussed is personally relevant yet also, I hope, generally... read more

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