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New Podcasts!

I’ve been a bad blogger. In this latest update I bring you not one, but TWO new podcasts! * cue gasps* My partner in crime at Joy has been rolling out podcasts quicker than my poised fingers can strike at the keyboard with witty description or suitable sci-fi pun. Think of this post as a two-for-one special. That’s how I’m thinking of it. Twice as much geeky banter, squeamish... read more

New Podcast! Y.A, yay or nay?…

Hey readers, This is the first post in a new series of entries, unimaginatively labelled Podcasts. For the last four to five months I have been appearing on a local radio program called Sci-fi and Squeam on Joy 94.9. The show is based loosely around the themes of science-fiction and horror (hence the squeam) in popular culture; however, we discuss a range of topics topics from the spaced-out and... read more

The Walking Dead

I am infected. The Walking Dead Fever has hit me. After long hearing about the virtues of the comics I began watching AMC’s adaptation of the series via Netflix on a recent trip to the States. To say that the series is compelling is an understatement. Having finished the first two seasons my partner and I are irrevocably hooked. I have also been tracking the various transmedia components of the... read more

Producing Transmedia

I recently started working on a new transmedia project. Technically, we’re in the pre-production stage, but the story has been conceived of and we’re slowly breathing life into it. My collaborators are Jake Corcoran and Brooke Maggs. I approached them to work with me on the project primarily because they love to tell stories. In addition to this, both are creative, daring and media savvy.... read more

New and Exciting Projects!

Recently I’ve been working on a couple of exciting new projects which I thought were worthwhile mentioning because, well, they’re exciting!  The first one, Star Wars Remix, went live on Tuesday around midday PDT.  The site grew out of a conversation between myself and Scott Walker about building a website where people could contribute to an archive of creative user-led content. When... read more

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