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Tights and Tiaras

I recently attended Tights and Tiaras, a wonderful conference hosted by Monash University exploring the representation of female superheroes in popular culture. I found the conference to be such an enjoyable experience, represented by so many interesting and talented people, that I simply had to share it. Amongst others, the two-day event was host to: Karen Healey, young-adult fiction writer and blogger... read more

Defiance Set to Bridge a Difficult Gap

Defiance is marketed as the first multi-platform shooter MMO: a third-person video game which interconnects with a global television program on Syfy. It promises to deliver a “ground breaking entertainment experience” which allows users to influence the narrative through game play. The game and television series interconnect in a more sophisticated manner than previous attempts at coordinating... read more

The Future of Buffy

Fans of Buffy The Vampire Slayer were treated this year when Dark Horse announced the release of Buffy season 9 and the new, Angel and Faith.  The ‘scoobies’ transitioned from the screen to print media in 2007 when Whedon, with Dark Horse, decided to expand the series into comic book form.  At Comic Con this year Whedon reflected on the initial transition from tv series to comic book,... read more

Channeling Engagement in the Potterverse

As I’m sure you all know, J.K Rowling recently announced the soon-to-be-launched Pottermore, an interactive reading experience which allows fans to participate in the collaborative expansion and exploration of the series’ storyworld online.  As Rowling herself puts it, she is now in a position to offer fans something unique; however, with no more than a short video pitch to judge by it is... read more

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