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Producing Transmedia

I recently started working on a new transmedia project. Technically, we’re in the pre-production stage, but the story has been conceived of and we’re slowly breathing life into it. My collaborators are Jake Corcoran and Brooke Maggs. I approached them to work with me on the project primarily because they love to tell stories. In addition to this, both are creative, daring and media savvy.... read more

Multi-screen versus Multi-platform

This came to my attention today via Simon Staffans.  It’s a list of featured insights from a recent study by Google titled “The New Multi-screen World: Understanding Cross-Platform Consumer Behavior”. The major take-away from the piece is that broadcast media — in particular television networks — should integrate multiple media use, with an emphasis on screen media, into... read more

I’m *finally* back.

I’ve been a bad blogger. It’s been almost one year since I last wrote anything here, but hear me out. I have a reason. I am proud to say that the lovable beast has finally been put to rest. On the 20th of August this year I submitted my PhD thesis on how audiences engage with stories told across multiple platforms. Look, they even gave me a receipt.   Now that that’s done and... read more

Reflections from Storyworld, part 1: Meanwhile, in another industry …

Welcome to the first in a series of blog posts inspired by the recent Storyworld Conference, hosted in San Francisco. As the jet-lag wears off I’ve started to think about the major themes and issues emerging from the fervor. In each post I will discuss one of these themes framed by my own experiences. That being the case, each theme discussed is personally relevant yet also, I hope, generally... read more

Storyworld Conference 2011

A few days ago I was lucky enough to attend the Storyworld Conference in San Francisco. The conference ran from October 31st through to November 2nd and was hosted in the heart of the city at the Park 55 hotel. To say the conference was inspiring is an understatement; to say it clarified best practice in the field might be ambitious – but that comes with the territory. In fact, attendees I spoke... read more

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