Did I mention I wrote a thesis?

As you all know by now, I have officially and completely done and dusted my thesis. A copy of it resides in book form in my lounge-room, in-between the Complete Works of William Shakespeare and The Foot Book by Dr Seuss, where it rightly belongs. It’s impressively regal and makes an excellent paper-weight; however, none of these facts allow you, my readers and peers, to get in on the proverbial action.

To date, I’ve avoided the kind of exposure this post will bring; however, I am now ready to embrace it, barbs and all. After receiving positive feedback from my examiners and then returning to the thesis after a lengthy separation to discover I still loved it I decided it was worth sharing the warm and fuzzies with the rest of the world.

Let's never be apart again.

Let’s never be apart again.

Students, teachers, peers and fellow transmedia enthusiasts, I sincerely hope you enjoy my contribution to the field. Please feel free to indulge, skim or cherry pick, just please do cite any published material!

Chiefly, the thesis presents a critical exploration of audience engagement with commercial transmedia storytelling and the relationship between transmedia storytelling and fandom. It also presents some analysis of transmedia as text and practice.

I am truly grateful to my peers who have shared their knowledge with our online community in the past, and for the opportunity I have to do the same. Undoubtedly, opinions on the work will vary, but whether you like it or not my hope is that it inspires creativity, critical thought and innovation. PLINK. There it goes. Another drop in the pool of knowledge.


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  1. Linda says:

    I have it book-marked and will digest it bit by bit (byte by byte) referring to dictionaries for terms, and you for clarifications (i.e.un-knotting my brain). It’s gonna go viral for sure!
    (Please give me brownie points for using viral in the right context?)

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