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Recently I’ve been working on a couple of exciting new projects which I thought were worthwhile mentioning because, well, they’re exciting!  The first one, Star Wars Remix, went live on Tuesday around midday PDT.  The site grew out of a conversation between myself and Scott Walker about building a website where people could contribute to an archive of creative user-led content. When discussing themes, we decided that using the Star Wars universe as a template would be a great way to encourage people to participate since it’s built on easily recognisable characters and settings (and, maybe, because we’re both huge fans).   We soon got Noah Scalin and Mica Scalin on board to help with design and marketing respectively and, ta-da! A website is born!  Here’s the low-down: Star Wars Remix encourages you to remix your everyday environment to reflect recognisable characters/scenes from the Star Wars universe.  Your materials can be natural (rocks, clouds, mud, etc.), or artificial (soup strainers, a paper clip, post-it notes, etc.).  It’s all about feeling The Force around you… Here’s our first entry, courtesy of Noah.


The second project in the mix is Con 9 From Outer Space, a fan convention celebrating the “Golden Era” of science fiction; that is, sci-fi movies, television and radio programs pre-1965.  I’m working with a fantastically nerdy group of fellow sci-fi enthusiasts who have done an amazing job getting the project off the ground thus far.  If you’re Australia-based and a lover of retro squeam (a delightful term borrowed from Joy.fms sci-fi program; think “The Blob”, “Forbidden Planet” and “War of The Worlds”) then you should definitely check this out. The con is booked for July next year and tickets are on sale now! I’ll update with more info on this one closer to the time.

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  1. jojo Stratton says:

    How exciting! I liked the little stormtroopers and will sail on over to the remix site in a bit to take a look. The Con sounds awesome, I wish I were in Australia to be able to participate (retro squeam, I love it) – the oft forgotten era of Sci-Fi – especially radio programs (one of the projects I am working on will center on a radio station from the mid 1940s) – can not wait to see what you put together for the con.

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