New Podcast! Y.A, yay or nay?…

Hey readers, the freezer.

…in the freezer.

This is the first post in a new series of entries, unimaginatively labelled Podcasts. For the last four to five months I have been appearing on a local radio program called Sci-fi and Squeam on Joy 94.9. The show is based loosely around the themes of science-fiction and horror (hence the squeam) in popular culture; however, we discuss a range of topics topics from the spaced-out and squeamish, to the fun and fantastical. We sometimes delve into the world of transmedia and nearly always visit the wonderful world of fandom. Its fun, geeky, analytical and always entertaining. The first podcast is from this weeks show, which aired at 10pm Tuesday night, EST. In this episode, we aim our quivering bows at YA (young adult) fiction and its recent popularity in mainstream media. WARNING: rated H for hormonal content and teenage hysteria.

2 Responses to “New Podcast! Y.A, yay or nay?…”

  1. Linda says:

    Good show, nice tempo and transitions. Opinions expressed tending toward tentative rather than enthusiastic which may be a reflection on thoughtfulness of your analysis rather than how much you are all intrigued by the topic.
    Enjoyed it. I checked out paranormal romance to see if I was guilty of enjoying it, then figured what the heck, you only have to look at the creature I married (and love!).

    • Emma says:

      Thanks! We try to strike a balance between analytical and entertaining, which sometimes manifests as tentative. Will keep that in mind for future shows 🙂

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