Storyworld Conference 2011

A few days ago I was lucky enough to attend the Storyworld Conference in San Francisco. The conference ran from October 31st through to November 2nd and was hosted in the heart of the city at the Park 55 hotel.

To say the conference was inspiring is an understatement; to say it clarified best practice in the field might be ambitious – but that comes with the territory. In fact, attendees I spoke with during the conference agreed that the uncertainty felt by many about the future of transmedia storytelling is indiciative of an industry in bloom. Transmedia sits at the cusp of an exciting debut into the commercial realm. More than anything, the Storyworld conference demonstrated that the transmedia community are willing to take risks, trade ideas, support creative potential and inspire change. Over the next few weeks I will publish a series of posts discussing the most memorable moments from the conference and key themes emerging from the panels and presentations.

Until then, happy world building!

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