I’m *finally* back.

I’ve been a bad blogger.

It’s been almost one year since I last wrote anything here, but hear me out. I have a reason.

I am proud to say that the lovable beast has finally been put to rest. On the 20th of August this year I submitted my PhD thesis on how audiences engage with stories told across multiple platforms. Look, they even gave me a receipt.

The proof is in the pink paper.


Now that that’s done and I’m back from a luxurious holiday in Margarita-ville (aka, Texas), it’s time to start the next phase of my life. I’ve been spending some time working with Sasquatch Punches as a transmedia consultant and now, I’m ready for more. Should you  require similar services, please find my contact details and drop me an email.

The engines are revving, people. Expect more soon.

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